Thursday, September 17, 2009

Question 30

45 year Caucasian male is brought to the ER with acute onset breathlessness. He gives history of having burning micturation and fever since 7 days. He was seen by the community clinic and was prescribed Antibiotics and Tylenol a week ago for his symptoms. But his symptoms did not subside and fever persisted. Since yesterday he was having heavy breathing and he was brought to the hospital today due to severe breathlessness and high grade fever. On examination, he is febrile, T = 102 F, BP is 90/30 mm Hg, P = 122/min. The O2 Sat is 85%, He was given nasal oxygen and rapid IV infusion in the ER. the portable CXR suggests ground glass appearance, and his chest shows diffuse rhonchi. He has a past history of smoking 2-3 cigarettes per day for last 15 years, and occasionally consumes beer on weekends. His father and mother are healthy. He works as a manager in textile industry. After initial resuscitation, his BP was found to be 100/40 mm Hg, but his O2 saturation is just 87%. The ABG was taken and results are awaited. CBC shows Hb 14.2, and TLC of 18600. This is an example of:

a) Diffusion defect

b) Ventilation defect

c) Perfusion defect

d) Restrictive Lung disease

e) Obstructive Lung Disease

f) Occupational Hazard


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